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Asbury Park Press 10/2005

Holistic Health Spa staff providing  swedish massage, prenatal massage, hot stone massage and much more.

If you are looking for a relaxing break from your daily dose of stress and cares look no further than Leisure Center at Airport Rd. and Rt. 70 in Lakewood. Located above the DMV (ironically enough) is Holistic Health Spa. Begun 8 years ago with a staff of 3 the spa now has 6 Massage Therapists, both male and female. The staff is trained and certified in a full range of disciplines including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Repetitive-use Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Prenatal & Geriatric Massage, Myofacial Release, Reiki, Reflexology, Thai Table Top & Hot Stone Massage.

Owner Mary Winch stresses that the focus of the business is to provide an atmosphere of care and concern for the individual needs of their clients. They service a wide range of regular clients including adults, children, senior citizens, athletes and those with physical handicaps. This personal treatment includes a consultation regarding the person’s physical history, advice on stretching, motion and posture followed by a recommendation on a massage treatment customized to include a combination of styles best suited for the person’s particular needs. Any treatment can include deep tissue work at no additional charge if called for.

Holistic Health Spa also believes that the benefits of massage should be available to anyone, regardless of their financial situation or schedule. To this end they provide low prices including a Senior Citizen discount on all 1 hour or longer Therapeutic Massages as well as flexible hours. While the posted hours are 9:30 – 6:30 Monday thru Friday and 9:30 – 3:30 Saturday therapists are available by appointment for evenings, early morning and Sunday at no additional charge.

For those looking to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing, pampering experience there are a variety of Spa Treatments available, including Body Scrubs and Wraps as well as Hot Stone Treatments, Aromatherapy and Back Rejuvenation. All Massage and Spa Treatments are accompanied by a soothing atmosphere accented by heated lotions, oils and scented candles (no additional charge). In addition to the above table warmers, hot and cold packs and heated booties are provided, also at no charge.

So whether you need to work out some kinks, release stress or just take yourself away for a while Holistic Health Spa is the place to go. Mary and her staff will see that you are not disappointed.

You can contact Mary and her staff with questions or to purchase Gift Certificates at 732-262-2100.





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